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Since Tales From The Perseus Arm went 'live' on Sept 1st, 2013, there has been a lot going on - and I like it that way. Check back here for updates on my current projects and announcements regarding new ones. 

Remember, I'm NEVER 'too busy' for friends, old and new, so don't  
hesitate to get in touch if there is something you'd like me to do for U2.

The Closest Thing To Crazy

2016-Aug 2017

The Closest Thing To Crazy - my Opus Magnus in that, uh, 'other genre' that I do occasionally -  was finally finished in August 2017. Those of you who have an entirely logical interest in such things will no doubt have read it by now. Everyone else is best left confused.... Quite a few people seem to think it's astonishingly brilliant. I don't disagree.

Huntingdon Writers' Group Website

Dec 2016 - now

Huntingdon Writers' Group asked me to take over as their webmaster after their old website crashed and burned so I built them a brand new all singing all dancing website at  Development is ongoing!

Huntingdon Writers' Group debut.

5 July 2016

Went to Huntingdon Writers' Group's 'Bring and Read A Sample Of Your Work Night'. Due to a "mix-up" with manuscripts, I ended up reading them a somewhat raunchier excerpt from "The Closest Thing To Crazy" than I had intended ...
Not sure HWG will ever be the same! Hope they recover soon.

Coughing To Become A Full Length Novel.

6 April 2016

A decision is taken to collaborate with another author to co-write a full-length novelisation of The Trouble With Coughing.

Watch this space for news!

Work with Sam Taylor on a Top Secret Project chugs along ...

May 2015 - Now

Shhh, still can't say. But it will be Cosmic! 

Brother of the more famous Jack?

2015 - Present

Have been increasingly involved as Creative Consultant and Help-Mate to Best Selling Author  jACK BYRNE 

Where is Volume 3?? and 4?

Jan 2015 - May 2016

"Coming Soon!" is the answer! Volume 3 is a 'boutique piece' and will feature the very best stories by the very best Perseus people. It's nearly ready. There are some surprises to come on publication day that will explain many things... Watch this space.

Tales becomes a Two Man Job

Oct 2014

Sam Taylor and I are now Co-Coordinators of the entirety of the Tales From The Perseus Arm Project. It has become 'our baby'. I have plans for at least 25 editions...

Poetry in Motion at Tales From The Perseus Arm Vol 1

1 Oct 2014

There has been a new edition Volume 1 of Tales from the Perseus Arm produced in line with current copyright permissions from the authors. My poem 'Space Cadet' is featured.  Go check it out!  > UK-link    > USA-link 

The Trouble With Deadlines

15 August 2014

1 week to write a new story - from scratch. No rush, no pressure then.

Tales From The Perseus Arm Vol 2 is Published

11 July 2014

Volume 2 of the Tales was today released on both and in both PRINT and KINDLE format. Will be available to order through Barnes & Noble etc too.  Go check it out!   > UK-link    > USA-link 

Tales From The Perseus Arm Vol 2 cover finished.

9 July 2014

Cover for Perseus Volume 2 finalised and submitted to SGA Publications. Should be at Amazon by friday and on sale and available in both Kindle and print format by Monday 14 July at the latest. Cool! Now on to Vol 3, lol. (This is like painting the Forth bridge!) goes Live!

3 July 2014

Since Perseus began, I've been dying to build a website for it, to pull all the disparate strands together in one place and begin to build a webspace as big as the ideas that began the Perseus project in the first place. Well, that process is now under way. Small steps to start with but Rome wasn't built in a day. Watch us fly, Daedalus. We're using heat-proof glue! Check us out at  >TALESFROMTHEPERSEUSARM.COM.

Cover for The Eye Of Shiva completed.

23 June 2014

Finished the artwork for renowned Australian author Sam Taylor's follow-up novel to 'Deadly Jewel' today. 'The Eye Of Shiva' will be available in both print and Kindle format on Amazon within a few days.  Sam Taylor rocks!  You can read more about him at his own website: >  (I hope to build him a website myself one day...)

Working on a Top Secret Project...

May/June 2014

Can't tell you any more or I'll have to send a killer robot from the future to kill you. Will be revealed in July 2015! 

Cover for Dissolution completed.

March 1 2014

Finished the artwork for the cover of my dear friend Debbie Painter's first novel, Dissolution. It will be available in print and Kindle format on Amazon FROM 14 MARCH 2014. Her website is available to view at >

The Artist becomes an Author.

February 28 2014

Final draft of "The Trouble With Coughing" is with my editor. Due for publication in the forthcoming Perseus Arm Vol 2 anthology. A poem has also been accepted. So exciting!

It's Official!

November 5, 2013

I'm delighted to be able to say that my collaboration with SGA Publishing has now moved forward to the point where I can proudly and excitedly announce that, as of today, I am officially their "Preferred Artist". How cool is that!

Cover for Natira, Child Of The Clouds completed.

October 18, 2013

Finished the artwork for the cover of C.M. Martin's Natira, Child Of The Clouds. It is expected this will be available in print format on Amazon within a week.

And now for something completely different?

October 01, 2013

A different sort of Anthology is now in the process of being compiled, for release in 2014, bringing together new works by already published authors almost all of whom will be working under pseudonyms for this project - for reasons which will soon become apparent.

I have been asked to contribute Artwork reflecting the overall theme - and permission to use a sculpture by Rune Olsen for the coverwork is being sought. This too is going to be fun!

Two new book cover commissions received.

September 30, 2013

I now have requests for two book-covers from my very dear friend Cynthia Martin.

  • Her brilliant novel 'Child of the Clouds'  - previously only available in Kindle Format - requires a concept cover to go into print for the first time, and

  • She has a new erotic fantasy novel underway and has asked me to do the art work for that too.


It will be an absolute pleasure as her work is a joy to read.

Tales From The Perseus Arm Vol 2/2a

Sept 08, 2013

It's official; there is too much content already submitted for Vol 2 of TFTPA. So there will be two new volumes, hot on each other's heels, next year. 

  • I will be doing the Artwork for both volumes.

  • Excitingly, I will also be submitting a short story to the Anthology within that same time-frame.

Clan Leader published.

February 18 2014

Delighted to collaborate with AMOK PUBLICATIONS for the first time and create the cover for Jack Byrne's second novel. It's a really steamy m/m vampire love story that makes Twilight look like kiddies' TV. Read it!      

Tales From The Perseus Arm is launched & well received!

Sept 01, 2013

After much anticipation, Tales from the Perseus Arm goes live at AMAZON, LuLu, Barnes & Noble, etc.. I am blown away by what I see. Today was very good day.

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