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When it comes to the visual Arts I'm a perfectionist.

Always have been. 

And I had a pencil and a paintbrush in my hands from the earliest of ages.

Got my grade A 'O' level Art - 
back in the dark ages - at age 15. Then they made me get 'A' level Art 'out of the way' in just 9 months so I could concentrate on English and the Sciences.  Hmmph.  The problem with being a Polymath is no one wants you to 'waste your time' on Art. 

Feck that.

Art is in my bones. Everything comes full circle. You can't suppress what's in your DNA. Ending up doing Art was inevitable.


Right now I'm creating original artwork for book covers and similar projects. And amusing myself tremendously. If you want my help, there is no such thing as a dream that's too big or too small for me. Let me in.  


I'm NOT a jobbing artist.  I do this as a hobby but I'm better than a 'pro'. I'm an intelligent free-thinker and I don't do 'mundane'.

One day I might do this professionally.
Better watch out, Planet Earth.

She's gonna dream up the world she wants to live in... ​She's gonna dream out loud....


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