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Tales From The Perseus Arm is an ongoing series of anthology collections of new science fiction stories by a bevy of authors from all around the world - including the renowned John Gribbin and award-winning Sam Taylor.



The art work for entire project, book covers and website, is my own
and it is a delight and honour to work with these talented authors to bring a striking visual cohesion to the overall project.



My written work is also featured in each of the volumes: 

  • Volume 1, published in 2013, features a poem, SPACE CADET

  • Volume 2, published in 2014, features my story, THE TROUBLE WITH COUGHING.

  • Volume 3 is due out in Jan 2017 and features another poem and another story from me. 


They are available from Amazon and other online retailers and  it's hoped that a selection of merchandise featuring the art work will shortly be available. It is expected to include T-shirts, mouse-mats, mugs and art-prints. 

This is what I do when I'm bored. 

Volumes 1, 2 & 3

These books are available in both print and e-book (kindle) format from Amazon. Click the link relevant to your location to go to Amazon now.

This book is great! An impressive assortment of writers got together and had a science fiction explosion of talent. Load up your Kindle, and get ready to ride your imagination all over the Galaxy!


I found this book purely by accident. It was the cover that got my attention actually. I am so very glad I took a chance on it. I read a story a day until it was done and oh my goodness what great stories they were and all so very different too. I have read it three times now.
Phyllida Stevens-Gently 


...incredibly thought provoking...



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